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Our Goal

For 60 years, Ottawa Modern Jewish School (OMJS) established itself in Ottawa as the non-affiliated, supplemental school offering quality Jewish education for Kindergarten to Grade 7.

As a non-affiliated supplemental school, OMJS attracts a variety of families from the Ottawa Jewish community, including non-religious/affiliated and mixed religious families.

Our Programs

The curriculum is learned by connecting children with their Jewish roots and cultural heritage by focusing on subject areas covering all aspects of Jewish life and culture such as Hebrew language, history and bible studies, Yiddish culture and a variety of community driven activities that embrace Chesed, Tikkun Olam and Tzedekah.


jewish identity

Jewish Identity

OMJS celebrates the diversity of Jewish identity with all our families and students.

jewish holidays


Enjoy the festivities that comprise holidays from A to Z from minor to major in a fun and creative way.

Jewish History

Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and Pirates… Jewish History at OMJS covers biblical history to the Holocaust and Israel and everything in between.

israel current events

Israel and Current Events

Learn about the vibrant homeland of Israel through stories, song, dance and visits from Israeli friends.

jewish art and music

Jewish Art and Music

Our parent led music program brings music from our past and present, from the solemn to the boisterous and gets our students participating with a smile on their face and in their heart.

modern hebrew

Modern Hebrew

Students learn to speak Hebrew like an Israeli. Where’s the chicken soup and pass the Kishke!

yidish culture

Yiddish Language & Culture

Remembering the roots of European Jews and their life with a sprinkling of the Yiddish your Bubbi and Zaide spoke.

Being Jewish Program

What does it mean to live a “Jewish” life? This program explores the customs and rituals of Jewish Life.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Direction on the basic preparation for a B’Nei MItzvah for families exploring their own unique experience.

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Meet Our Teachers

Justin Shulman

Justin Shulman is proud to serve you as Principal for Ottawa Modern Jewish School. He is from Ottawa and both he and his wife Jessica attended supplementary Hebrew School here at home…Read his full bio

Kami Francis

Grade 4-7
Morah Kami is going into her seventh year of teaching at OMJS. Kami completed an undergraduate degree in History with a minor in religious studies…Read her full bio


Danny Shalom

Hebrew grades 2-7
Danny’s educational background includes an Honors Bachelors in Classical Linguistics and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa and he is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Education…Read his full bio


Classes with Happy Children

JK – Grade 1

Age: 4-6
Through hands on learning, arts and crafts,  and music, students receive a solid base of the traditions of Jewish Holidays and Shabbat. By the end of Grade 1 students will be able to…

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Grade 2

Age: 7-8
Students review the Hebrew alphabet and add vowel sounds to build reading skills. Hebrew vocabulary is developed and Israeli life is experienced through music, crafts…

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Grade 3

Age: 8-9
Students continue to build on their Hebrew reading and writing skills. Israeli life is explored through music, crafts, games, drama and Hebrew language vocabulary.

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Grade 4-5

Age: 9-10
Students continue to build reading and writing skills. The Hebrew language program is theme based and includes Jewish holidays, family, seasons, food, time…

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Grade 6-7

Age: 10-12
Jewish values and Tikun Olam (making our world a better place) is explored and experienced throughout the school year by participating in community events and school activities…

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OMJS is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa