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Our Mission

Offering a Jewish education to connect children with their Jewish roots and cultural heritage.


Our School

Ottawa Modern Jewish School is a contemporary school that provides a stimulating, enjoyable and high quality Jewish education. We recognize and honour the principle of individual choice and welcome all members of our diverse Jewish community.


A Little History of OMJS

In 1953 there was a Jewish community of orthodox, secular and unaffiliated. Discussions had been going on for a long time of creating a non-affiliated Jewish school in Ottawa with many of the original “Kitchen table” meetings taking place at the home of Syd and Rhoda Abbey and others in the west end of Ottawa. Finally an open meeting for the formation of a new “Schule” was held on June 22, 1953 at the Chateau Laurier. Fifty people were in attendance, organised by Chairman (and later President) Abe Palmer. Israel Stern, of the Montreal Peretz Schule presented the experience of the Schule movement in Montreal and elsewhere. This included:

  • A Jewish education in the national progressive spirit of our two languages Yiddish and Hebrew

  • That it appeal to Jews who have “left the fold” and decided not to interact with the Jewish community

  • A philosophy of “non-rigidity” in course content responding to change

  • A determination to be positive about the beliefs of all Jews from secular to orthodox

  • An absence of guilt about not being orthodox enough-that the criterion for being a good Jew (or good parent or good citizen) does not depend on ones beliefs and level of observance and

  • That Hebrew and Jewish (meaning Yiddish language instruction) should co-exist as part of the curriculum

Questions and answers ensued on minimum enrolment, curriculum and the differences between the Schule and other Cheder schools (different approach, teachers can express their views, modern Hebrew literature and the teaching of Yiddish). A vote was taken and the school was born. Registration was $100 per family and by 1959 the school had grown to 110 families. By the 1960s, OMJS had 120 students consistently every year. The program consisted of Hebrew, Traditions, History and Yiddish. By the mid-70s the school had exploded to 154 students, a challenge for any volunteer Board, part time teachers and a very busy principal. Students attended on Wednesdays and Sundays renting space in various public schools throughout Ottawa and in the later years in the downtown Jewish Community Centre for Sunday mornings. Ottawa Modern Jewish School has reinvented itself many times over the years meeting the needs of a unique parent group, sometimes offering more traditions and in some years offering more Yiddish. It has stayed true to its roots; to be a safe place for all families to bring their children without judgement, to share in the magic that is Jewish life however it is celebrated.


Play as You Learn

The curriculum is learned by connecting children with their Jewish roots and cultural heritage by focusing on subject areas covering all aspects of Jewish life and culture such as Hebrew language, history and bible studies, Yiddish culture and a variety of community driven activities that embrace Chesed, Tikkun Olam and Tzedekah.


jewish identity

Jewish Identity

OMJS celebrates the diversity of Jewish identity with all our families and students.

jewish holidays


Enjoy the festivities that comprise holidays from A to Z from minor to major in a fun and creative way.

Jewish History

Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and Pirates… Jewish History at OMJS covers biblical history to the Holocaust and Israel and everything in between.

israel current events

Israel and Current Events

Learn about the vibrant homeland of Israel through stories, song, dance and visits from Israeli friends.

jewish art and music

Jewish Art and Music

Our parent led music program brings music from our past and present, from the solemn to the boisterous and gets our students participating with a smile on their face and in their heart.

modern hebrew

Modern Hebrew

Students learn to speak Hebrew like an Israeli. Where’s the chicken soup and pass the Kishke!

yidish culture

Yiddish Language & Culture

Remembering the roots of European Jews and their life with a sprinkling of the Yiddish your Bubbi and Zaide spoke.

Being Jewish Program

What does it mean to live a “Jewish” life? This program explores the customs and rituals of Jewish Life.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Direction on the basic preparation for a B’Nei MItzvah for families exploring their own unique experience.

One month trial for new families

What Parents are Saying

Our daughter learned a lot about Jewish history which contributed to her Jewish identity 
Ruthie R

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of education offered by OMJS. They offer a flexible and animated approach to Jewish education that is not only engaging but extremely respectful of the diversity of backgrounds of the children attending. The teachers have been wonderful and the school welcoming to our family. 
Wendy A

Meet Our Teachers


Kami Francis

Grade 4-7
Morah Kami is going into her seventh year of teaching at OMJS. Kami completed an undergraduate degree in History with a minor in religious studies…Read her full bio






Jacob Nightingale

Teaching Assistant
Jacob is a former graduate of OMJS, with a longstanding history of family involvement at our school. Jacob is heading off to university but wanted to continue his association with OMJS as a Teacher’s assistant…Read his full bio.

Megan Hollinger

Teaching Assistant
A valedictory graduate of OMJS (2008), Megan began volunteering at the school to fulfill her community service hours for Merivale High School. She enjoys her continued involvement in the school…Read her full bio

See our team

One month trial for new families