Our Teachers


Jodi Green

Jodi Green, MSW, MAJS is excited to be the Principal of the Ottawa Modern Jewish School.  She brings a decade of community experience with an emphasis on outreach via her work at various JCCs.  Past positions include program director, department head and Associate Executive Director.

Her social work has focused on families in transition and has made her a good listener and problem solver. Whether it’s the arrival of a new baby, the start of Kindergarten, or an upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Jodi wants to help the family make informed and appropriate choices that follow the family’s Jewish vision. She is passionate about making the school welcoming and relevant to modern Jews. 

Jodi is a New York Native married to a Canadian.  They have three boys and are thrilled to be making Ottawa their home.

OMJS prides itself on hiring teachers who embrace the vision of our pluralistic and inclusive school.  Students generally have a teacher who focuses on Judaics including history, Jewish values, holidays, and synagogue skills. Then we switch it up and the Hebrew teacher arrives.  Students are greeted in Hebrew and have a warm up conversation about feelings, the weather, or other Ulpan-like discussions.  Once settled, they will continue to learn decoding skills.  Classes are differentiated to support all types of learners.

All classes also have at least one teaching assistant to support the teacher with classroom tasks, assist students as they work, and are available for one-on-one learning.