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Hebrew Class

Students review the Hebrew alphabet and add vowel sounds to build reading skills. Hebrew vocabulary is developed and Israeli life is experienced through music, crafts and games, drama and discussion. The Hebrew language program is theme based and units include Jewish holidays, family, seasons, clothing, food, time, nature, animals, feelings and Israeli culture. Students continue to build on their Hebrew reading and writing skills.


Tikun Olam (making our world a better place) is explored and experienced throughout the school year by participating in community events and collecting Tzedakah (charity) for various organizations. Students visit Hillel Lodge (Senior’s residence adjacent to SJCC)) several times a year, performing acts of Chessed (loving kindness).


Early history and cultural development of Jewish ancestry are introduced to students through Bible stories. These stories of Matriarchs and Patriarchs focus on lessons students can relate to and apply to their modern and diverse Jewish identity. Students experience traditions of the Jewish holidays in class through games, music, crafts and stories. Through weekly Torah portions students learn Jewish concepts and values and continue to develop their Jewish identity. Jewish texts, discussion of historical and current events will expose students to the Jewish contribution to Western civilization and how this can enhance their own lives.

Creative arts

Fine arts, drama and prose will be used to engage students in a creative environment.