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Hebrew Language

Students continue to build reading and writing skills. The Hebrew language program is theme based and includes Jewish holidays, family, seasons, food, time, nature, animals, feelings and Israeli life. Knowledge of Israeli culture is increased through music, crafts, discussion, drama and integrated with Hebrew vocabulary.


Jewish values and Tikun Olam (making our world a better place) is practiced throughout the school year by participating in a variety of community and school events. The Grade 4/5 class have adopted a Lone Soldier in the IDF and correspond with him and send him treats at Purim. Students visit Hillel Lodge several times a year performing acts of Chessed (loving kindness).


Matriarchs and Patriarchs

In this unit, a deeper look into their character traits and their relevance to today’s Jewish world is transmitted through student’s research, creating their own books including a model of a scene depicting the period.

From Joe to Moe

Students create custom bags of Egyptian and Hebrew culture and compare the two. Students will also create a 10 plague puzzle.

Who Judges the Kings?

Students create a newspaper of the times. Students reflectively campaign to become King of the Jews.

Romans Rule, Greeks Drool

Students experience the Roman and Greek period through various learning centres and take a virtual field trip.

Meet Grade 4-5 Teachers

Kami FrancisKami Francis

Morah Kami is going into her eigth year of teaching at OMJS. Kami completed an undergraduate degree in History with a minor in religious studies before continuing on to teacher’s college. She has a passion for teaching Jewish history as well as world history. She recognizes the importance of teaching Jewish history to youth so they can make connections with the past and form their own Jewish identity. When she is not at OMJS, Kami is a teacher in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and as if that is not enough she also works part time at Chapters. She has an interest in non-Western world history, mythology, and archaeology much of which she builds into her curriculum with our children. Kami has also developed the Being Jewish program and each year looks for interesting new approaches to sharing the Jewish experience with the students in Grade 6 and 7.

Gallery from Grade 4-5 Class