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Hebrew Language

Students continue to build on their Hebrew reading and writing skills. Hebrew vocabulary and knowledge of Israeli culture is increased through music, crafts, games, drama and lively discussion. The Hebrew language program is theme based and units include Jewish holidays, family, seasons, food, time, nature, animals, feelings and Israeli life.


Jewish values and Tikun Olam (making our world a better place) is explored and experienced throughout the school year by participating in community events and school activities. The students communicate with a Lone Soldier in the IDF and send him Purim treats.

Several times a year students visit Hillel Lodge (Senior’s residence adjacent to the SJCC) performing acts of Chessed (loving kindness).

Measly Middle Ages

Students create a mini-library book of the key concepts and events that impacted the Jews during the Middle Ages. Students prepare and perform a mock trial of the Jewish pirate, Samuel Palache, The Pirate Rabbi.

Renaissance and Emancipation

Students learn about the Venice Ghetto and the Russian Shetl by researching then developing a representation of life in one of these two settings. Students study Jewish life in the Russian Shtetl by comparing the movie version of “Fiddler on the Roof” with historical fact.

Holocaust Studies

Students will look at case studies from a children’s perspective during WWII. Students will examine and then create a mini society of Jews during the time of Nazi Germany, specifically the persecution of Jews and other minorities pre and during the war.

Students will learn about the role of the Righteous Gentiles


Students will create a timeline of events leading to Israel’s statehood. Students will visit Modern Day Israel through a virtual field trip using multi media techniques.