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Play as You Learn

ottawa Hebrew sunday school JK Grade 1 art and craftChildren are taught through hands on learning using arts and crafts and music to the traditions of Jewish Holidays and Shabbat. By the end of Grade 1 students will be able to recognize many of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and will be able to print their names in Hebrew. Simple vocabulary and Hebrew phrases are  taught. Jewish values and Tikun Olam, (making our world a better place )  is explored and experienced throughout the school year by participating in community events and collecting Tzedakah (charity), for various organizations. Students visit Hillel Lodge (Senior’s residence adjacent to Soloway Jewish Community Centre)  several times a year internalizing acts of Chessed (loving kindness). Activities are student centered and learning centres are geared to  address the various grade levels and learning needs in the classroom.

Gallery from JK-Grade 1 Class