From the parents

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed spending two Hebrew classes with my niece in your group while I was in town. The Purim story by shazak productions was awesome with jokes for children as well as adults. The Purim crafts were great fun for the kids and it was wonderful to hear Hebrew being taught from an Israeli. I like the accent. My visit has encouraged me to further seek out Hebrew classes when I return to Calgary. Thanks for the great time and Chag Sameach (if not too early to say it).


When I think of Ottawa Modern Jewish school the two words that come to mind are community and acceptance. As a board member, I see how much effort is put forth to ensure that every child no matter what their background receives a Jewish Education without prejudice. As a parent I see how engaged my 7 year old Son is in learning about his heritage and culture. At OMJS he is cultivating values and traditions that will add to the tapestry of his life.


I have been extremely impressed with the quality of education offered by OMJS. They offer a flexible and animated approach to Jewish education that is not only engaging but extremely respectful of the diversity of backgrounds of the children attending. The teachers have been wonderful and the school welcoming to our family.


Our daughter learned a lot about Jewish history which contributed to her Jewish identity


Our school provides a nurturing place for my daughters to grow and thrive as young members of the Jewish community. The eldest began in kindergarten and is now a Teaching Assistant; proud and happy to help pass on the inspiration and fun of Jewish learning, values and tradition. The youngest is growing into a comfortable, confident member of the community; interested in and happy to debate all things Jewish. What I can say? Thank you!


Attending OMJS is somewhat of a tradition in my family. Two generations strong have attended and now my daughter completes the second generation circle. But OMJS is so much more than just an expected tradition for her. It is where she finds comfort and belonging in discovering who she is. She “gets” where those sometimes unfamiliar traditions come from that we follow and just how they fit in to our lives. Teachers, staff and our OMJS families see each child as valued member of the Jewish community in whatever way, shape or from their family chooses to celebrate being Jewish.


Note to a teacher in our school: Every time I read what you do with the children, I’m so impressed all over again with the enthusiasm, energy and love that you channel into your teaching. It’s inspiring to the children (and to their parents!). You’re injecting into them a desire to grow in a Jewish way and to learn about their heritage. It has transformed into a solid appreciation in Ben for where he comes from and who he is, and he proudly talks (and sings even more) about his culture/religion to friends and family. I’m so, so grateful to you. What a mitzvah to have you as the first point of access into Jewish education!!!


My son just finished his Bar Mitzvah in October and were it not for his OMJS studies (graduate of 2013), he would have been starting from square one. With this background in Hebrew laying the groundwork he was able to read his Torah and Haftorah portions beautifully.


My child learned a lot about Jewish holidays.


From the students

The school really helped me improve my knowledge of Hebrew.


At my Jewish school, everyone is so friendly! We’re lucky to be able to spend time at Hillel Lodge and hang out with our elders. And it’s very cool to know other Jewish kids.